Thursday, February 26, 2009


starting from next week, i'll be doing solo show!! hurray~!! 
only for 7 days, cuz DJ Vani will be enjoying her holiday, then i'll be enjoying her showtime. extra work? it's ok, i'm a workaholic. hope you guys will like my show, especially the OLs (office ladies), cuz the show is from 11am to 1pm, most of the audience are OL, waiting to get out of the building~

okay, this pic is a sleek peek of my art project. besides painting, i'll be doing some....alteration to some dollies. cuz i hate kids. but i've found this one looks like the little actor (many many years ago) siu bun bun a lot, so i will call it LITTLE BUN BUN.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

silently launched

welcome to my blog.... since i'm feeling that 09 is a really exciting and whole new adventure for me, therefore i started writing in a new blog.

suddenly evreything just went into right places for my secret project, i'm feeling very hyper at the moment... as you might know that i'm planning to go to Taiwan annual band festival Spring Scream with my friends Climax, there is something related to music going on. if we are really going, i'll be their guest performer, and singing two songs that i wrote for myself, both music and lyrics. thanks barry for doing the arrnagement. i don't know any instrument, so how do i came up with the songs....don't ask.

starting from next week, i'll be doing Vani's show on 903 since she'll be on holiday. i'm very glad to have this chance, it;s my solo show, so do not expect anything that sounds muimuimuimui.

one thing that disappoint me is that recently i have no time to draw......there'll be a secret art project going on as well.......well........09 is so damn nice.