Wednesday, January 5, 2011

hi hi 2011

long time no see.

haven't touch this blog for a long time, so long that i have to confess.

simply lazy. since there's facebook account, facebook fans page, weibo and instagram to take care of, i simply ignore this site. i haven't forgot. it's just like some friends, u'll always remember them, you treasure them, you remind yourself to contact them once you are free, BUT, u never did.

this year i will call those friends, this year i will stay healthy, this year i will sing, i will draw, i will write, and continue to talk (hate this).

at the very end of 2010, i recorded a funny video and it has 249,403 views till now. my god. is this the most successful thing i did in 2010, and it's not even about me. i have a youtube channel, if you are nice, please take a look and subscribe, i'll make more videos this year since it's very convenient to do so with my phone.

please safe a few hundred bucks this year if you support me.

love you all.