Saturday, May 30, 2009


don't feel like to sleep, but it's the only nite i could sleep early.
went to the coolest hamburger place in hong kong, probably the first. 
someone brought me there, i didn't decide what to eat and had the same as he did. there came a double cheese burger with egg, GOSH, and i ordered a glass of cold horlick too, my stomach nearly explode!! suggest size for girls: cheese burger with egg. leave quota for other food....

i went back to the little temple that i've been to last week, to get the result of my fortune telling. i asked about my career,it said it's good, but it takes a loooong time and tons of harrrrrrrdwork. okay, accepted.

this is a long time no see pic.....will also appear in Milk Magazine....something about the depeche mode tee design i did for depeche mode (pretty obvious...)

Friday, May 22, 2009


waking up early WILL NOT make your skin perfect.
1. i fell asleep in MTR today...a few times, and passed my destination a few times.....

2.i was working on something.....but i fell asleep 5 times during the process. this kind of work, usually takes me 15 min... but it ended up....... i didn't do it at all, cuz someone suddenly came up and told me he did it. thanks buddy.

3.i was looking for something but i rebel a the same time. nearly took my whole nite just because there's a stupid conflict inside my body.

god! finally im home writing drama (finally said yeah, cool, awesome)

you might say: sleep more la, rest more la.
but that's not the problem, so you guys could save it.
i don't get enough sleep, it's just the fact, the usual thing.

i know. i never fall asleep when i'm drawing, writing, or eating my favorite food.
that's the reason.... and i have to live with it (but i will never never ever get used to it, cuz i don't want to) 

please do not translate this and put it into facebook, that's so not cool.
don't have to leave comment or discuss this topic with me, i just wanna share, not to talk this time.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

bon appetit~

tomorrow morning, sammy and kitty invited someone very special to their show, he's gonna bring something ...... i guess crispy ...... for us to eat. Kam refuses to eat it, but i'll try ALL my best to force him.
there was a very pretty candy store near my home in canada, they have all kinds of beautiful candies and trays and trays of toy like looking cupcakes near the cashier. i go there like once in a day, i saw new stuff on the counter with my friends. they stepped back a bit, but i've bought it. 'just a few bucks, worth a try once in a lifetime eh~?' i've bought it, and i'm the only one who ate it....but i've only ate one, cuz it taste like grass!!'s crispy........i guess that taste is exactly what horse food taste like.

what is it then? it's chocolate coated crickets imported from mexico!!!


i hope waking up early will make my skin perfect = ] 

Sunday, May 3, 2009

it's none of your business (in a nice tone)

thank you for supporting my wierd new programme, which appeared once and disappeared (ha). it makes me think of my wierd drama, which suddenly stopped at episode 18 because i don't feel like writing it. i'm not sure if the drama (exploding  candy) will continue, but i'm sure, i'll try 200% of my best to bring back the new programme! cuz an army of people already formed and growing right after the 1 episode, i won't let you guys down! if i find you disappeared after 2 months, okay, go ahead to your homeland and do some farming. 

ok, enough of that cheering talk.

i read comments in forums, people don't understand all the sudden changes of 903 and start complaining. once again, thanks for the support, but have you ever think that maybe we're doing something right? you think these decisions just came out of nowhere without hundreds of meetings and arguments (<---- i guess). be mature. forums are for discussion, opinions, and advice. if anyone wanna express anger, i think you should get a blog (and tell me the blog address please).

ok, enough of the lecture. this is what i really wanna tell you guys:


oh! and i LOVE Y'all. add me on facebook, let me see ya. i do reply messages there.
and also, my restaurant city account is just an ingredient trading centre for everyone, cuz i got all my 3 dishes to level 10 already~