Tuesday, May 24, 2011

chinese blog, HAHAHA

我太貪心,乜都想寫,openrice又 寫,微博又寫,仲有instagram,youtube channel (evitavsevita)都有。想找我,EVITAWONG就得喇~
節目將會大革新,新到連節目名都改埋。我要去得 很盡很盡,要和大家分享一點crazy的東西。其實我也有喜歡 的事,我也會哈哈大笑,只是永遠在不對的時 候.....  -___-   總 之,希望一齊順利。

簽名會一定會有,應該是星期六(就我不用上班嘛~) 希望大家會來支持。這類的東東都 舉行了幾年,但 每次我還是會害怕沒有人來,或者這次來了書展便不來了。今年嘗試給自己一點信心,因我知支持我的人大有人在,只是每天困在電台,什麼都看不見。


 ps:劇院II裡會有我少少畫和照片,不是美女寫真啦,純粹配合氣氛,希望大家會覺得有一點點藝術的感覺。studio shot是由跟我合作無間的攝影師SPOON拍攝的,而其實全是我親自操刀,包括那些有點變 態自拍..........
感謝漫畫界大爺:林祥坤百忙中抽空為我 畫/寫的序,大爺真的誇獎和把我美化了~

to those who dun read chinese, very very sorry about this.........follow me on instagram, i usually use english there. my new book and new song are coming soon, please support support~

Saturday, April 2, 2011

last time writing this blog was Jan. i was bad.

i love to write, but not everyday. writing is part of my job, so i have to do it every day. i love writing my blog, cuz it's not part of my job, but because it's not part of my job, i rather get some sleep instead of writing it. life is full of choices to make, and i hate making choices.

just tell me what to do and lead me to the end. who need a purpose to do things, who need a reason for everything, and who need a meaning for every action you take. honestly, i have no passion in anything except money, and i know the reason why, because that's the only thing i'm missing seriously.

these two paragraphs doesn't mean anything to you, and i dont need your comment. sometimes you talk or write because of no reason and you dont need anyone to agree or understand you. actually you enjoy people ignoring you and just let you yell in the empty room.

so shut .. up and walk pass this door. thank you.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

hi hi 2011

long time no see.

haven't touch this blog for a long time, so long that i have to confess.

simply lazy. since there's facebook account, facebook fans page, weibo and instagram to take care of, i simply ignore this site. i haven't forgot. it's just like some friends, u'll always remember them, you treasure them, you remind yourself to contact them once you are free, BUT, u never did.

this year i will call those friends, this year i will stay healthy, this year i will sing, i will draw, i will write, and continue to talk (hate this).

at the very end of 2010, i recorded a funny video and it has 249,403 views till now. my god. is this the most successful thing i did in 2010, and it's not even about me. i have a youtube channel, if you are nice, please take a look and subscribe, i'll make more videos this year since it's very convenient to do so with my phone.

please safe a few hundred bucks this year if you support me.

love you all.