Monday, June 29, 2009


!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????when will you come to HONGKONG?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ok, i'll go get your cd today.
a mobile phone salesman turns into an opera singer,
cuz he gave up what he's been doing and start doing what
he feels that he was born to do.
i think i kinda know what i was born to do....
the picture becomes clearer day by day,
and is pulling me away from the my daily robotic life.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


many ppl asked 'how's life'
i said bad or sux or sad as usual.

look at this bowl of strawberries in extra calcium soya milk with flax seed. i made it pretty cuz i really don't feel like eating. but after eating it, i wondered why strawberries in hongkong sux. big time. in japan, you could get sweet ones from anywhere, they're not expensive, and e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e of them in the box is sweet. i hate dinner.
my stomach can't take the thing called 'dinner' anymore, i don't feel hungry at nite. everyone's trying to force me to eat, but the point is, they don't know i won't be feeling well after a regular dinner. so just let me skip it, it won't make me thin, may be it's because i don't exercise at all, my body just need two meals......

watched The Haunting in Connecticut....i heard a dj said it's very bad, but i think it's
cool. nothing scares me anywayz, so i just went to see it as a movie. i won't comment on the level of gore or frightening factors, cuz i have no limits on that. but as a movie, i think the art direction is good, i like the settings and the props. but there's a thing i hate about this movie.... why be a copy cat and make dead people pictures exactly like Nicole Kidman's The Others??!!!! damn. disappointing.
one line in the movie is very good:
Why do bad things happen to good people?

cuz god wanna test you, if you don't pass, go to die.

the ghost boy Jona is so cute by the way....

(click on the movie's name, it's a link)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

yes you do mind. cuz i mind too

i hate to read too, a big block of words makes me turn away.

but i don't have mood to take any pictures, so i have to write my blog with no picture.

tomorrow i gonna fight for a chance to see my relatives!!!

actually i did the same thing last weekend once.

last sunday, i didn't sleep for over 24 hours then went to do the cover shot for <<最好的時光III>>, and that's one of the reason you have to buy it.

this weekend is father's day, i gotta see them, haven't seen them for 2 months, VERY unhappy about that. i am no andy lau, i'm just a small potato and i deserve to have an hour of quality time with my family while i'm all alone in hongkong all these years.

yes i know some ppl fly to work in other countries to fight for a chance, but at least they know they have a chance there before they go right? and the most stupid point is, i am in hk.

have to watch Secret again.....learning to be thankful.

thank you for everything nice and everything that sux.


don't have to gimme any comment. i just spit it out for the sake of letting it out, i don't want any comment. thx.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


it's nearly five. just finished drawing another fallen girl. some people call them 妖女, i do agree, innocent angels are sometimes 妖女 to me, and my beautiful 妖女 are angels to me.

you guys must be making dreams.......i should be sleeping too, but i forgot to, and after a little while, i gotta work again. why do i always forgot to eat or sleep.....these are the things i used to love, why did i forgot the things i love?

so what am i into now? i'm in a black hole, where i forget everything and just know how to continue what i'm doing, unconsciencely.............

Thursday, June 11, 2009

BACK to the Future YEH~

after 9 hours of photo shooting, finally i took it back! the cassette player we used in THE BEST MOMENT I.

in 2007, i went check my 'jee mei dau so' (star numbers..?), the fortune teller talked for about 2 hours....i was asleep cuz he talked rrrreeeeaalllllyyyyy slow. luckily, he recorded it. i always wanted to listen to it, but i have so many tapes at home and don't know which is which, and also, i don't have the player. thanks to Th Best Moment, i have the player now, and is carrying it with me while i'm cleaning up the mess (after every season of photo shoot....)

my life..........actually don't suck. but all it takes is time. i mean tons of hard work and time. i do know before i listen to this. but i've paid him money!! so i'm gonna finish the whole tape tonite~