Thursday, September 24, 2009


saw some post, i can tell from the way they talk, they are very young. they like me, and just agree with whatever i say. i know everyone has a brain, but please use it, don't be a yesman.

and about the story, i never say it's gonna be bloody every time, i never promise gore every time, may be one day i'll write a stupid story and one day i'll write a love story. the story has no fixed style, and that's why you guys shouldn't expect anything other than : what's up this time.....

no one gives me pressure for my show, i feel good about this. i hate communicating for 80% of my time each day, and i hate explaining for myself. but ... i hate ppl misunderstanding me and i hate people talks like they know what i think. so, i have to come up and explain for myself. it's a neverending cycle that makes me very very sick. i wanna be a DJ in the 80's where there's no internet ...............

i don't like to talk much, but feeling really thank you guys for listening to my stuff and liking it.... instead of anymore BS, here's a 'gift' ....... some photos i forgot to post for weeks.......


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

MUSE finally

got this from chris today, YEAH, muse   the resistance   CD + DVD
let's listen to it tonite~

phone pic.....bad come neh, this phone takes good pictures.
long time no write this blog, so ,here i am.
this weekend, a lot happened, but i can't tell, it's a really big secret. i can tell you the nature of the incident shXt happened, but i found it funny. although it's something bad, but since i won't die for it, and it's some kinda experience in life, i think it's worth experiencing.

loads of work is coming, but i like it.
oh, i've got a news, i won't be doing 森小歌劇團this year, cuz i wanna put time and focus in my radio and music first. you now how my weekend show sucks up all my time.
once a week,物以罕為貴。

lots of ppl asked where did the stories from 伊維特歌劇院comes from.
i do not like telling stories that isn't wrote by me.
i wrote everything and mix everything and record everything for that show.
only if i'm on holiday, otherwise, u'll only hear my voice in that one hour.

really love it, but really hate where they put it.
if listening to radio is like listening to an album,
the flow is absolutely very very very wrong.

i am targeting audience with a brain.
give your own comment,
don't say things like: evita is right evita is right.
if you do agree with me, give some points,
use your brain.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


yeah~  happy photo shoot for one of my favorite brands. it's good for going to work,but i'm a pure gothic ( and i un like the attention drseeing in gothic, punk is more than enough). punk isn't me and not even my lifestyle. elphonso lam is pure pure punk at heart, but i like punk people.

you can see the edge of my undie in this pic.... mm, doesn't matter, it's black anyway, better than seeinh the flesh.