Sunday, March 29, 2009


i've been drawing all day. not for MILK, not for the exhibition (shoot! totally forgot about that). after being a couch potato all day watching Nip Tuck and drawing, i suddenly woken up. 

what did i do today?! it's sunday. supposed to be relaxing, but this is just so not productive!! feeling so guilty so i come over to the computer and start playing with photoshop and write a bit. at least i can say... 

" wrote my blog on sunday~"

it's always good to have boys around. there was this one super heavy book i've always wanted to buy. but i never did, cuz i was too lazy to carry it back home. yesterday nite i went to the movies with some guys, before that, we went to Page One, i bought it!! and one of the guys carried it for me~ yah!!! you're the best =' 3 '= now, who's gonna fix the light in the toilet for me?? 

Friday, March 27, 2009


yesterday, i woke up at 6, went to tung chung with 903 Big Air Anti-Drugs Drama group. we went to perform in a high school, i was the MC. i felt ...... i felt ......  i don't know how to explain it, but sure i've seen a part of the world that i've never been. there was an interactive part of the show, and i have to ask the students a few question. when i held the microphone to a girl student, she said : DON'T ASK ME LA~  and she pushed my hand away. god. speechless. i don't care if you'll become miss hongkong or a sales or work in 7-11 a few years later, if your boss ask you something, if your customer ask you something, will you do that to them? be polite to everyone, absolutely for your own good. 

if you treat people better, people will treat you better.
if you treat them like sht, they might not treat you the same way, 
but they might not be very nice to you in their mind. that's not very nice too right?
just like me, u know how many gore movies i watch in a year. 
don't ever try to imagine what's in my mind.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


today is my 1st time interviewing a british band. one of the greatest bands in the world: COLDPLAY. before their viva la vida tour 2009 hongkong live, 6 ppl (inclucding me) from china, korea and hongkong had a round-table interview with Guy berryman and Will Champion. they are nice people, but not as funny as i watch them doing interviews in other places. we did it in a VERY quiet and private area in the backstage........i have to admit that the atmosphere was VERY boring, but it's not anyone's fault......

it's my first time and we're not allowed to take pictures =_= sigh*

this poster -------------> used to be on my wall because it looks so great against my red wall in the living room, but within a week, i took it down. cuz my fengshui master big sister shirley said this will lead to arguments.... sigh again~ 
i guess it's ok to put it in my blog......... brain is exploding. 
gotta get up at 6 in the morning for 903 anti-drugs drama show. GDNT. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


watched 2 movies in one nite.
1. watched He's just not that into you.
    pure chick flick, never mind watching one more of these. especially agree with scarlette johansson's story. a loyal married man, met this irresistible hot chick. tried to control himself, but she went totally naked in front of him. what happened next? don't need me to tell right? this is absolutely understandable. i know it's hard to resist, and i know this will happen to ANYBODY. even if you're married for over 20 years, this could happen to you. so why do we have to get marry? why do we have to fall in love. cuz we are all stupid.

2. re-watched Frida
    love this movie, maybe because i do draw a lot of self-portraits too. and fate always lead me to guys like Diego (frida's soulmate, best friend, husband). this movie is another true-man show. i don't wanna be like her, but depression always leads to great art and music. if you wanna get something, you gotta give something. what do i want the most?  
for now. i want money. so i have time to do art and music.

Friday, March 20, 2009


today, four commercial radio people had a funny discussion in the artroom about my drawing for Milk Magazine. to show or not to show the nipples........?
i did a drawing, totally not related to my writing (again). 
yesterday night, i suddenly had the urge to draw a nude girl, i wanna see some skin.
at first, she's ALL nude. one-two-three you see it all.
i have to admit, i'm a coward. i erased one little line and added a piece of cloth below her belly. why? i don't know. then, i drew some hair hanging to the breasts area. but i really want to show A LOT OF SKIN!!! so finally, i let the nipples show.

please, please let them show............

Monday, March 16, 2009


yeah, the banner is finally up.
full version of the banner can be found in Milk Magazine.

here's the link for the archive:

Saturday, March 14, 2009

somethin' i could hv

endy endy, became active again in the entertainment industry. it's good to see you (always) in my office. which means you're getting tons of interviews. although i don't always come running saying hi and being all enthusiastic, but you know, i'm more than happy to see you when i'm getting bored doing repetitive work and after staring at the monitor for hours. 

i love it. can't wait to have the thing you're working on, but take your time, i'll love it anywayz.

and good luck on your show. captain.

found this pic recently from one of my memory stick, hope you like it.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


still waking up this early after doing 7 days of bLackeYes radio show....... gotta start drawing for Milk magazine again..... cuz best moment season 2 is finally over. actually i really dunno much about this season, i'm still looking for time to listen to it myself. the novel plus photo album for season one is super nice, thanks artroom tina for the great job!! this project is like neverending. Y?!!

when can i focus on my own stuff again.... 

i guess, it's tonite.

Monday, March 2, 2009


won't be typing chinese in this'fly tire sea' from taiwan, i saw one of them tonight. yim ah lun, we went to karaoke with climax and ben and 'little gone'. long time no meeting new people, long time no visiting karaoke, felt strange sitting there, therefore i kept on singing. yim ah lun sings pretty well, this is the difference between hong kong and taiwan. being an idol or pop artist in hong kong, doesn't need to sing that well. hong kong is just so cool, a land of no reason. fans love you because of you, not your talent. if they love your face, they think u have talent. if the media says you're popular, people think you're popular. 
so, now i'm telling you guys that i'm beautiful and talented. 
in love with me yet?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

BLACK EYES 903 11am to 1pm

the new show starting from monday..... is called black eyes (in chinese). everyone will think of endy chau's lyrics right? but the black eyes here is talking about my heavy eye makeup and my dark circles. i let my boss choose 'black eyes' or 'the end of the world' for the english name, dunno what he chose yet.

tonight my best friend (photographer) samsam and i played a bit with camera, he took some nice pics, but have to ask for his permission before i post it up. you know, the interenet, whatever you post, you don't own it anymore, everyone just right-click and save....
okay, take this, go ahead!