Tuesday, April 28, 2009


i've really offended the god of the year! (farn tai sui)
lots of changes this year, but it's all good. 
might be crazy, but it's good.

love you all, and keep loving me my dear.
dun be surprise about anything,
it's all good and honestly i'm s d happy.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


just back home from 30 hour famine, sammy cried at sharing night......i'm not that emotional person, and every year it's like .... i just sit there and watch. i understand everything they say, it's just that i don't have the tingling feeling inside. 

let's not talk about the famine.......i wanna talk about my page in next issue of Milk Magazine. it's about people come and go. obviously i've experienced a lot of come and go in 903 (mainly go). but other than that, i've experienced a lot of come and go in my personal life too..

1. my dad and mom, seeing them once a year, airport isn't a sad place anymore, cuz i'm used to it already. do i miss them? yes, definitely, but i don't have the need to see them often since it's the pattern of my life. i just wanna work my ass off and earn money to provide a better living.

2. my high school sweetheart is getting married at the end of the year. of course i don't love him anymore since ages ago, but him getting married, is like the end of my high school romance. i've grown up, everyone has grown up....

3. 7 years before, someone chose to leave and explore. after 7 years, he/she decided to go back to the place he/she thinks is the best. which is the place he/she once left.

4. i asked him, where will you be after this. he said : i dunno, explore world.
these people seems like leaving, but it's just that i've always been in the same spot. does this mean i haven't move forward? i'm a very safe person, i can't afford to take any risk, that's why i try to move forward at the same spot before i'm capable to move to another. 

to all the people who dare to leave, you guys are very brave. it's risky to have guts, but i can't say it's bad. wish you luck on everything, i hope you chose the right path to explore.

this is a famine hero temp tattoo, pretty cool eh~? 
gotta wash it off lu.......

Thursday, April 16, 2009

killing me

very nervous for tomorrow's job right now....... hate it when there's something i'm not sure.....

903 timetable will have a big change soon, and it's a whole new chapter for me. new direction (showing more the real me), double workload...and what else...oh yes, my personal project still going on...... it's a crazy life lately, but it will be great. according to chinese horoscope, offending this year's god really gives you BIG changes, but it's not all bad, i'll make it good. 

lately i've invited lots of ppl to twitter, and i can see that donald and jim are very into it.....i still haven't feel the fun yet, but i'll try, since it's the latest great hit thing on the net.

go to www.twitter.com and add me!!

my name is imevita
and my profile pic is like this...........
this is before i had my haircut...


Saturday, April 11, 2009

bad trip

i felt like i had a bad trip on the flight today, cuz i sat in the same spot for over 5 hours at the salon (my butt hurt)...........i saw people came and gone, but i'm still there......it's like the slow motion MV with people walking really fast behind. time flies. and that's why i visit the salon once every few months. 

so, what did i do to my hair? what took so long? 
i did the same thing, nothing really changed, but to maintain that not-so-outstanding-look takes time. my technician asked if i wanna have red or blue hair, i said NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
he knew i'll say that too, but he said he asked cuz he wanna show that he's putting effort. hee, you don't have to la~ this guy has been doing color for me since 14 years ago, U, u're the best = ]

i know it's boring, but someone said he wanna take a look, so here it is ---------->

*grasshopper choi yat jee was at the salon too, that's really entertaining..............i called wing cuz he's like one of her favorite idol.......after that phone call, i got back to reading heavy magazines that i don't understand and fishing inside those hot machine with steam coming out*

Sunday, April 5, 2009

AGING reverse

today i woke up at 4am, went to work at 5am, reached CR at 5:30.
ate sticky rice and drank soya milk with my eyes shut.
programme started.....technical problem!!!!

things went smooth again, programme ended at 9am.
went to recording room to do muimui segment.
done at 10am

put 4 chairs together to form a narrow bed,
slept for 1.5 hours.
woke up and went to washroom with the hood on my head.
again, i walked with my eyes shut, and gave yuen jee kin a fright.

CR was very cold,
went to festival walk and wanted to buy a jacket.
( i want to buy one everytime i feel cold)
of course i didn't cuz i don't want to pay.
bought mcDonald's for me and Banana.
forgot to ask them to take away the pickles the onion and the sauce....
Amber ate my pickles. thanks baby.

1pm, MUIMUIMUIMUI show time
3pm, show ended.
finally, i left CR.

reached home at 3:30
slept on sofa for an hour.
went out with barry,
then dinner with some friends,
went to HMV,
came home at 9:30pm.

i'm not sleepy or tired at all. 
something must be wrong with me.

Friday, April 3, 2009


yes, i did the VO. so cute eh~
i love to eat sunkist orange too, and it's so surprising that they asked me to do this, cuz ppl like to stereotype me as the dark one. my client has great taste (HA) 

2 pages gonna become 1 in milk magazine, depressing. but it's ok, i'm still drawing, i rather cut on the words, i hate to talk anywayz. evita says so, not ekee.