Sunday, August 30, 2009


we can do this everyday
endy next to me
barry and new cute friend
dirty table by endy
barry and the pot (where did everybody go.....)
endy in the chillout area
okay, i am eating seaweed after tons of fatty food...
everytime we meet, it's either work or eat. everytime i see them i wanna hug them, but then i didn't. i'd like to see my friends more. i'd like to stay less in office. every human needs 3 normal meals a day, does that mean i could meet ppl i wanna see three times a day? no. i ate 4 beef balls and some squid tonite (can't eat too much at late nite, will throw up) becuz i wanna drink tea with my family tomorrow. it's worth it. just a weekend show (and some other stuff) i dunno why i'm so busy. i work fast, but still.....
i don't want a 'hea' show, may be that's the answer. i don't wanna look back when i'm old and seeing myself just laughed my days away.....

these pictures are my medicine then.

keep taking pictures everyone (i don't mean those with victory or peace sign)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

0816 MOHAWK in Lobby salon with CLimax Barry and hairstylist BuX

barry turns into 'shop little two' (waiter in old chinese movies)

this is just after blow drying..... no spray yet~
after spray look
my fingers all stuck together......
i like the frontal look~
but he like the side

another crazy day for my new show........
hands got all sticky..... YUCK.

you are very welcome to listen to 伊維特革命
but it's even nicer if you listen to my other new show:

0816 MISTER bandroom

very popular location for bandroom...industrial building...
listen to my programme

Sunday, August 2, 2009

COMING out from da shell

i can feel it now. finally.
thank to my bosses for giving me time to prepare for my new show.
bought a lot of CD today......standing there in the tiny tiny second hand shop listening to over 40 cds before buying (gosh). people squishing in and out of the shop pushing me and my backpack....a very very tired sunday (as usual)

i bought two sets of comics too!! my all time favorite comic artist~ a few stores told me it's very hard to find (one of the shop keeper even gave me black face). at last i've found it.... will i have time to read? NO....sigh

started doing tarot readings for people again, feel good, hope my clients got some good advice from the cards
anyone who's interested, can ask for details by sending mail to

gotta start writing again......dun wanna waste my sunday. the only day that's totally belongs to me.

that picture was in MILK, i drew it when lots of ppl were leaving CR......and since Wing is gone, i think it is a good time to put it up again.