Saturday, April 2, 2011

last time writing this blog was Jan. i was bad.

i love to write, but not everyday. writing is part of my job, so i have to do it every day. i love writing my blog, cuz it's not part of my job, but because it's not part of my job, i rather get some sleep instead of writing it. life is full of choices to make, and i hate making choices.

just tell me what to do and lead me to the end. who need a purpose to do things, who need a reason for everything, and who need a meaning for every action you take. honestly, i have no passion in anything except money, and i know the reason why, because that's the only thing i'm missing seriously.

these two paragraphs doesn't mean anything to you, and i dont need your comment. sometimes you talk or write because of no reason and you dont need anyone to agree or understand you. actually you enjoy people ignoring you and just let you yell in the empty room.

so shut .. up and walk pass this door. thank you.

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