Sunday, July 19, 2009


a lot of ppl asked me about what i'll be doing after wing is left.
like it or not, it's the end of muimuimuimui (or else she wanna come back)

i will be myself since then. (dun count the evita in sammy's show, i just have to squish all my positive energy out there.......very hard for me)

i'll be doing something new, after the drama, wait a little longer baby.

ok......candy tong tong, i've thanked you for thebounce bounce ball already, but i really wanna thank you again, it looks really great. and it is really great in terms of size too....

mom wanna see it, so, here it is.........

and for those who didn't come to our fans gathering today...long time no see..... so here's a pic for you. ( it's not a new hairstyle, my hair is just always different, like my horrible mood swing )

i have no strength to smile.

Uncle Beach: when u said hi to me, i was smiling in my heart, but i know i always give out shxt face. thank you for keeping saying hi to me even i'm like this. may be u wanna break the ice, or, may be u know i'm like that.

you, you ,and you, whoever it is: dun tell me to be happy please! i dun like to be unhappy, but i dun like to be too happy too. i love a flat emotion line....


  1. I dunno if I should leave a comment or not..but I do it anyways
    havn't listen to 903 for years because the network at the states sucks! i agree with ur flat emotion line thingy. i'd rather be myself than be happy, keep myself happy is too tired for me

  2. thx for giving me an enjoyable day too~
    i feel so good in this holiday~!
    thanks ekee(: