Wednesday, July 1, 2009


i paid my 1st visit to the jokey club to get my 1st lottery ticket.
yesterday, i walked pass the place, suddenly have the urge to get in and get one.
i didn't know how to buy, a 'few' helpers came to me and asked me :how can i help you.
i said:

i dunno what to do, i just wanna get one now!!

then i bought 2 x $20 tickets.

i've even took picture with excited.

*but i've added something after........... because.......*

today i went to the mark six site ...........

then i decided to took a pic to show my mood.
now i understand why the gamblers like to tear their tickets into pieces after they understand that they are not that lucky.

i will throw money into the sea next time when i get off before the place is closed....which means.....not soon, cuz i'm busy with doing the radio drama now. the 1st 10 episodes is written and mixed by me, next 10 by wing. stay tuned.


  1. looking forward to hearing the drama =]

  2. haha,i cannot believe you will buy mark six xd

    looking forward to ur drama:)!
    add oil!!!

  3. Mark six is a game for Rich

    Your Bun is so cute *w*

    Look forward to ur drama arrrr
    Bibi ;]

  4. i dunno, but i think buying a ticket is like buying a hope. always fun to do when u have extra money to spare. and riping ticket is fun

  5. cool EE, work hard and i believe your drama would be excellent! and, good luck 4 ur mark6! lol ^^

  6. EE, probably you should stop reading secret from now on.

  7. i will not stop reading the Secret, and i'll tell you why in my next blog entry~