Sunday, August 30, 2009


we can do this everyday
endy next to me
barry and new cute friend
dirty table by endy
barry and the pot (where did everybody go.....)
endy in the chillout area
okay, i am eating seaweed after tons of fatty food...
everytime we meet, it's either work or eat. everytime i see them i wanna hug them, but then i didn't. i'd like to see my friends more. i'd like to stay less in office. every human needs 3 normal meals a day, does that mean i could meet ppl i wanna see three times a day? no. i ate 4 beef balls and some squid tonite (can't eat too much at late nite, will throw up) becuz i wanna drink tea with my family tomorrow. it's worth it. just a weekend show (and some other stuff) i dunno why i'm so busy. i work fast, but still.....
i don't want a 'hea' show, may be that's the answer. i don't wanna look back when i'm old and seeing myself just laughed my days away.....

these pictures are my medicine then.

keep taking pictures everyone (i don't mean those with victory or peace sign)


  1. Hot pot? I only like Little Fat Sheep~

  2. everyone need friends and memories~
    look for a way to relax and find yr way~

  3. enjoy everytime hang out wif friends and parents:-) i believe more people will know that you're the only dj who's putting a lot of effort and spending much more time to prepare the show than any others. add oil!

  4. 方榮記 is good!
    After dining @小肥羊 will ended up smelling like a 小肥羊