Sunday, August 2, 2009

COMING out from da shell

i can feel it now. finally.
thank to my bosses for giving me time to prepare for my new show.
bought a lot of CD today......standing there in the tiny tiny second hand shop listening to over 40 cds before buying (gosh). people squishing in and out of the shop pushing me and my backpack....a very very tired sunday (as usual)

i bought two sets of comics too!! my all time favorite comic artist~ a few stores told me it's very hard to find (one of the shop keeper even gave me black face). at last i've found it.... will i have time to read? NO....sigh

started doing tarot readings for people again, feel good, hope my clients got some good advice from the cards
anyone who's interested, can ask for details by sending mail to

gotta start writing again......dun wanna waste my sunday. the only day that's totally belongs to me.

that picture was in MILK, i drew it when lots of ppl were leaving CR......and since Wing is gone, i think it is a good time to put it up again.


  1. more than 40 CDS!!?? how many hours have you spent for listening in that tiny store? anyway, really love your drawing, you have to add oil too!!

  2. Nice & Thanks. I look forward to listening your new program =)

  3. you are very hand-working ready your new program!!i really admire you!!ADD OIL~
    looking forward your picture book!!!

  4. oh sorry..hand-working is wrong.
    is hardworking..

  5. i saw u in the second hand shop

  6. support you by my hand to wirte this word

  7. evita..
    i am looking forward to your new show!
    after wing's left,i have been always boring.
    really miss muimuimuimui v_v.

    omg! you listened to over 40 cds in that shop?
    how can you do this-_-
    the keeper of the shop didnt censure you?!xp.

    anyway,support you!
    beloved e.

  8. Hello EKEE
    我叫kenny ,3年前上過你節目motu903樂潮人的最後一集做嘉賓, 好多謝你比左呢個機會我呀,無mud野,想同你打個招呼o者,新一年祝你工作順利.