Tuesday, September 22, 2009

MUSE finally

got this from chris today, YEAH, muse   the resistance   CD + DVD
let's listen to it tonite~

phone pic.....bad quality.....how come neh, this phone takes good pictures.
long time no write this blog, so ,here i am.
this weekend, a lot happened, but i can't tell, it's a really big secret. i can tell you the nature of the incident though......mm.....some shXt happened, but i found it funny. although it's something bad, but since i won't die for it, and it's some kinda experience in life, i think it's worth experiencing.

loads of work is coming, but i like it.
oh, i've got a news, i won't be doing 森小歌劇團this year, cuz i wanna put time and focus in my radio and music first. you now how my weekend show sucks up all my time.
once a week,物以罕為貴。

lots of ppl asked where did the stories from 伊維特歌劇院comes from.
i do not like telling stories that isn't wrote by me.
i wrote everything and mix everything and record everything for that show.
only if i'm on holiday, otherwise, u'll only hear my voice in that one hour.

really love it, but really hate where they put it.
if listening to radio is like listening to an album,
the flow is absolutely very very very wrong.

i am targeting audience with a brain.
give your own comment,
don't say things like: evita is right evita is right.
if you do agree with me, give some points,
use your brain.


  1. 愛情,其實是一個精神病(?)
    曾經有個人 現在回想起 大概像Ekee所說
    都會說: 你變了, 你看看你現在變成怎樣!
    我曾經 以為這是我的大錯特錯 也以為他是最了解我的人
    但原來 一切只因他不能接受" 這般 "的一個我...
    「怎麼好 這麼糟 我說愛情才恐怖
    這樣歇斯底里 到喪心的地步 沒有後路
    留於(他)虛構的國度... 」

  2. I don't know why you are not happy that there are people agree with you, and you said that you are targeting audience with a brain. Are you saying that there are people without a brain listening to you? does supporting a person need any points? anyhow, I like your evita's theater a lot. Especially the wong lok story. I totally understand the feeling of giving your heart blindly and the result of getting yourself torn apart. and for the first story, did the girl eat and make the guy into meatloaf? To be honest, I don't understand the meaning of some stories, if there is any, mind sharing?

  3. 係咪受到高層壓力? 呢兩個星期好似無之前果d咁激, 少左d血腥, "地盤狗與小明"個故事我幾鐘意(唔記得左係咪叫小明 :D), 近期果d好似有d鬆散咁, 無咩迫力~

  4. Good to hear your program once a week and 叱o宅樂壇 this week!