Sunday, December 13, 2009


haven't go to the cinema for so long,
haven't have a day off every week for so long,
haven't seen my dad for so long.

i wanna have a special holiday today. what's better than going to see the new 風雲?? ages ago, i went to see it with my dad, we had a good day, and today, we gonna do the same thing again.


1. why the hell on earth should i sit here and watch 2 hours of computer graphic?!!! 物以罕為貴, toooooo much CG, tooooo much fast and slow motion contrast (it's not stylish when there's toooooo much) too much close up, too much fighting scene. i don't mean the CG are not good (except at the beginning, they all walk up the hill, the background is very fake) BUT, it's NOT a movie trailer, it's NOT a music video, it's a movie for christ sake. after two hours, i asked myself, what did i watch?? i just lost 2 precious hours of my live.

2. all girls are not necessary. all they did was the-nervous-face. and their only script was BROTHER WIND, BROTHER CLOUD. if you think, girl<--- is a need, then pls cut back 70% of the CG time and develop some relationship between all the people. the-nervous-face means nothing to the audiences, cuz we don't know much who they are, and what's their relationship with BROTHER WIND and BROTHER CLOUD. honestly, i like the two guys fighting for one girl more, and, the girls can be much more goddess like, cuz the two guys are just too pefect.

3. gimme some REAL FIGHTING!! what's the biggest point of this movie? FIGHT! in many kung fu movie, you dun care about the story, cuz only watching the fights is worth it already, BUT, in this movie, in terms of martial arts, all you see is CG and SLOW MOTION and FLYING WATER. they just move the water, move the swords, move the 'whatever' with their mind. yeah right, that is SO exciting.

4. about the story line, i don't remember a thing!! remember 風雲I ? the golden monkey, the old monk and the little girl? remember wind and cloud fighting for the girl? remember the father killing his own daughter? it told A LOT in that two hours, but still, u remember the fights too. everyone remember the flying water, cuz he didn't use it many time.

CONCLUSION. i watch it for the sake of AARON, EKIN and hoping to capture some good old days memory. i am very angry that you guys ruined it. but i have to say something positive: makeup and wardrobe, aaron and ekin, you guys are grrrreat, but couldn't help the whole thing.

GO MAKE MV, TRAILERS and SHORT SHORT SHORT movies la! gimme back my 風雲!!!!!!!
p.s. aaron i still love you geh.

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