Friday, December 4, 2009

i want to write everyday, honestly.

today is mom's birthday, also sammy and our dear boss' birthday. the whole 903 went out for lunch (dim sum). although i dun talk much during meals, but actually i do enjoy 903 gatherings very much. cuz i really need to see these ppl besides work. it's fun to see them in office, but not as fun as outside....  ok, getting to the point. as i like these gatherings so much, so i took out my camera (even if i know i'll be taking similar pics as everytime, same ppl same place) then i scroll thru some old pics in the camera, damn, i've got old pics i wanna share, but i've never have time to write this blog!!!!

so, why do i have time now? actually i don't. this very minute, i'm supposed to be doing research and writing stuff for sunday........

anywyz, here's the old pics...


leung man lai lai getting ready

dik nai dik nai

jim looks soooooo cute in this pic!! (a bit surreal, doesn't look like jim) i love it ~

everyone's taking picture when others are taking picture, it's like a mini photography club.

jim jim nice smile, i like it very much. sorry heison, u're in the blur zone...

1si time photoshoot with hoji, i was very happy that he's there, but it seems like he's not enjoying it very much...... -_-

so where's me??? mm...... my camera listen to me only, so i took pic for myself. not that day, but another day after i went to some other shootings (tell u what it is later), cuz i put on false lashes, i think it's fun, pushed my heavy makeup to another limit (actually it's not that heavy). i won't use it always, cuz i have to treasure my delicate skin.

the false lashes are too shiny under the flash light, not very real...

too much black, can't really see my eyes......

so, back to TODAY.
 i took pics.
why typing single words.
cuz i'm getting tired...

903 happy lunch for lisa and sammy's b-day

an EXL b-day cake from Master Mak ling ling. all strawberries are sweet!!!! that's impossible in hongkong!!!!!!

okay, he's having a happy birthday...

happy people at the next table. ppl were separated in two big tables, and we bumped into Nath too, he and his ppl sitting near us. that makes me think of yoga...... -_-

here it is, CUTE JIM again. you know why he gave me this face?!

cuz he's occupying my spot again, where should i go ah jim jim?!!!

this is it for today. by the way, check out MILK MAGAZINE for So, Lai and MEEEEEEEE

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  1. nice to see you update blog,
    belated happy birthday to ur mum...
    ur make up in photoshooting nice~! good that have u:D nice~!