Monday, February 8, 2010

not a japan trip blog

i'm not gonna talk continue to talk about the other half of my japan trip this time. let's talk about yesterday and today...
yesterday morning (afternoon actually) i went to this place..
to say thanks to the 'tai sui' gods for not killing me in 2009 -_-

then i went to see the movie NINE.... mm enjoyed the dancing, and the wife part, but really hate seeing man cheating in any movie (if that person get killed, it's absolutely fine)

at night, went to MUSE concert. lots of friends there.
the place was packed, THANKS GOD i have a seat. if i was standing there, i will leave right away.
but i really don't understand why ppl get ticket for a seat, but then they stand, and block the people behind them. it's NOT your right to stand. SELFISH. you know i hate to be touched by strangers, so i sit to my left a bit cuz the girl on my right was standing, then after a short while, i guess she was tired, she sat on my seat!!!!! i'm not fat enough to occupy the whole seat DOESN'T MEAN YOU COULD SIT HERE!!! I NEVER WANT TO SHARE A SIT WITH STRANGERS, NO MATTER YOU ARE MISS HK OR THE PRESIDENT. GOD! absolutely ridiculous...

horribly packed.

funny facts:
there were one guy, who kept changing seats, then the security found out that he's holding a ticket from way way way back of the hall.
also, there were three people probably age 11 to 13 were doing the same thing. please don't do it again, i hate these people.

i had a very nice and big lunch, so i didn't have dinner and went to this new yogurt place.
read comments on openrice, seems ok. add your own toppings.
i added strawberries, blueberries and oreo.

this thing cost me $29.4

try try sin....


sorry mom and dad, for $29, i'll get some proper food next time.
for this cup of yogurt, i give 60 points.
too harsh?...ok 65. grade C.


  1. 其實...平時唔係都只係查左黑影??


  2. I gave my ticket to my friend who came all the way from Taiwan just to see them LIVE, as I watched their performance once already and that I enjoyed the CD more, especially when people got really crazy in concert, and that made me feel sick.
    But heard that it's more than awesome except for some disorganisations at certain degrees.