Tuesday, May 18, 2010

0515 signing event/0517 Kot's super cool workshop~

VERY BIG STICKERSSSSS, i'm fully covered. i think 903 needs a bigger sticker from now on~!

mc dressed all black for me,sticked to the background, thank her so much~
they all cover their face as usual, but someone kindly showed her tongue...
very very very nice handmade flowers, thankssss
nice pic, hope u dun mind showing yor happy face~
my pretty girl
went to bandroom after APM and watched THE VOICE online with...
too happy that i have to spend some money. bought this candy for my pretty friend and myself.
0516 happy family tea day, ordered super fat pork YEAH!! i love luk yue~
0517 Kot's super coooool shop and office trip.

if i have a place like this, i will live there and never go back to radio station lu.....


  1. still reading your book.... very nice!
    save money and have a place like that~
    live there forever and draw many many excellent pics!!!!:-)

  2. when i finished this music creation,
    i think about u and can't wait to share with u.
    hope u like it ;)