Friday, July 23, 2010

WAT i did on 0721 MONDAY. bookfair starts~

i went to book fair in the morning, went to the opening ceremony of an E book company HANVON in china. the lightbox of my book is sooooooo pretty, wanna take it home.
i'll be here again on 25th 1:30pm to do a e book sharing.. feel free to come = ]
the HALL 3 HANVON counter looks like this...
then i went down to the 1first floor to 萬里counter to see my book. i saw ppl buying my book, got a chance to thank them face to face = ]
went back to CR, direct ENDY's英雄勇MMV. lai lai is a special guest, i will be in the MMV too = ]
this room is really damn hot, thank Endy for standing the heat and doing moves with his guitar.
(wat's up with that hair on my face)
COOL pic, i mean them.

at nite, uncle BEACH starts playing with my camera. i'm very busy working...
still busy.....................
still very busy.................................

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I NEED A BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Good Good Good!!!
    See you on this coming Sun. Yeah!

  2. BTW, Monday? 0721 was Wednesday.
    Will go to buy your book this morning. Better go to sleep now. Good Night.

  3. Hello E (: Thank you for showing me another world from your perspective, and encouraging me to me to comprehend a 'zone' I always rejected to face. I understand that I will not be able to understand entirely your feelings, and in fact lives in an entirely different atmosphere, but I'm glad that your stories opened up another paradigm to me. Thank you so much again!
    P.S. 加莉's childhood was exactly like mine. The 3rd paragraph..the hair..the knife...But(to me) I seem to be a rather lucky one, I took the alternative(: