Tuesday, October 13, 2009


yeah, post pic....so slow......... but it feels like yesterday. cuz it's the best memory this year so far...GETTING OUT OF HONG KONG!! it's my great escape, although just for 4 days...

super VC are very smart nice guys, very gentleman. and i listen to their cd in the car everyday in beijing, while i'm drinking float from mcdonald's and talking about non-sense stuff in the car, just do whatever i wanna do. no work, no phone calls....

then here comes NEW PANTS, i'm totally in love. deep down inside my gothic blood, i found electro dance music and robotic vocal very attractive. and after watching them on stage in hk Rockraiser show, these crazy guys are superstar.

we were trying to be cute, hope we did success.....

search them on youtube. next time they come to hongkong, don't miss it, i'll keep you guys updated`

oh!!! and today i went to (lam cheung kwan) elphonso's exhibition, it's in APM 2%, will be on for a week. thank you dear for the super super nice poster!!! i'm so proud that i have a friend who can draw so well....i wanna have my own exhibition too, but i need some time to draw 1st.... sigh. no more grey talk, let's listen to NEW PANTS!!!!!YEA!!!! (satisfy so easily)

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