Saturday, October 24, 2009

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DISNEY DISNEY DISNEY YEAH!!!!!!!!!!! (PART II)

here's what we did:

HOTEL GHOST HOUSE: BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! i was walking alone in front, since i'm not fun to walk with, but i hear screamings from behind, i think they were having a good time. i adore the design and the ghosts' wardrobe.

SPACE MOUNTAIN: fun as usual. they added a bit (just a tiny tiny bit) of special effects inside the mountain, but that's just unnecessary, cuz the ride itself is fun enough, but i appreciate for the effort.

 BUZZ LIGHTYEAR: mm........always sitting very very low in my list, but i followed the group and went anywayz. but then what a surprise, i got a new high score, i'm a LEVEL VI space captain now WOO hoo......

ALIEN GHOST HOUSE: na........ even i'm a disney lover, i'm sorry to say this, i dun like it very much. i'm not into cyber, scientific, space stuff at all, i have no feelings for aliens and people in large test tubes. BUT, the actors are very professional, and trying to deliver  their lines as well as they could (in front of me, the real zero facial expression 'frightenless' human.)

then we bought popcorn, sat on the curb and waited for the fireworks!!!!!!

at last, the castle was on fire and everybody died.

when things are big, they become amazing.

not so scary pumkinheads....

not a big fan of sally, cuz i always think jack should get a thin thin thin girl. the corpse bride suits him better....well............

dr. faster! get her and pull off her strings!!!

disney, please ask her to hang more on the sides, she was standing WAY TOOOOO HIGH!!
none of my friend could take a pic of her....

mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?
they are the reason for me to love disney cartoons.


cute cute cute

i love you~ but these kind of skeleton outfit really isn't your thing....

!!do the dance, do the dance!!

i love disney but not mickey....especially the chinese speaking one, sounds like tsang chi wai.... -_-

mm......thanks for the great acting now ppl know this picture was taken in Disney Halloween Black World....

YEA,got a sticker. look at the castle with veins, like a pair of lungs..

we were just in the middle of a long queue...what's the eyes and the pose and the mood for???

AFTER the parade, we rushed to ride the boat in the jungle, i've never tried to ride at night. things looks more realistic than in the day time, cool. sitting in front of me was a little girl, her dad was saying to her: protect me, protect papa, papa's very scared.  EM, why the hell on earth you wanna project a weak impression for your daughter? stupid man.

JUNGLE GHOST HOUSE: we got there at like last last min, the park's gonna close after 10 min!! (of course they won't, so many people shopping in Main street. the ghost house is second good, cuz the narrow road with the plants and trees will be very effective. and again, i heard some good screaming coming from behind me = ]

beau garçon Mr Skellington!!!! Je t'aime!!!!!!

okay Sally.

what are we waiting for?? passed the closing hour 11pm already lahhhh.
since everyone looks really ugly in this pic, i blur their face. i'm so nice to my friends~

i bought this pumpkin head, cuz i wanted to buy something soooo much,wanted to spend money on WATEVER. but then the thing i wanted to buy is too expensive ($3XX for some pins and a coffin box), so i ended up buying some keychains and this head.

past 12am already when we went to eat, those were all the marshmallows we 'robbed' at disney...

still looking at these when i'm home....disney disney.... i'll be back = ]
may be christmas (and hope jack steals it)

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  1. donald is so cute~
    hoping to see part 2 :D