Thursday, March 26, 2009


today is my 1st time interviewing a british band. one of the greatest bands in the world: COLDPLAY. before their viva la vida tour 2009 hongkong live, 6 ppl (inclucding me) from china, korea and hongkong had a round-table interview with Guy berryman and Will Champion. they are nice people, but not as funny as i watch them doing interviews in other places. we did it in a VERY quiet and private area in the backstage........i have to admit that the atmosphere was VERY boring, but it's not anyone's fault......

it's my first time and we're not allowed to take pictures =_= sigh*

this poster -------------> used to be on my wall because it looks so great against my red wall in the living room, but within a week, i took it down. cuz my fengshui master big sister shirley said this will lead to arguments.... sigh again~ 
i guess it's ok to put it in my blog......... brain is exploding. 
gotta get up at 6 in the morning for 903 anti-drugs drama show. GDNT. 


  1. not allowed to take pictures ?WHY?
    the posters let me think of the war and history.
    Hurry up go to bed,Tomorrow don't change the panda!(this is say to their own..haha..but you also)

  2. i think you have too much sigh in the past.(i'm sad of you)
    Add oil to all 903 anti-drugs' members
    Hope you have enough rest tonight.

  3. haha!so bad for can't take the photo~
    get morning at six!OH!
    sleep more if you can=)!
    hope you won't feel ill easily=)

  4. hope u enjoy our 903 drama show la cause we've put so much effort on it which we really enjoy~

    and also hope we didn't scare u away after 'enjoying' a ride with us on bus la