Friday, March 27, 2009


yesterday, i woke up at 6, went to tung chung with 903 Big Air Anti-Drugs Drama group. we went to perform in a high school, i was the MC. i felt ...... i felt ......  i don't know how to explain it, but sure i've seen a part of the world that i've never been. there was an interactive part of the show, and i have to ask the students a few question. when i held the microphone to a girl student, she said : DON'T ASK ME LA~  and she pushed my hand away. god. speechless. i don't care if you'll become miss hongkong or a sales or work in 7-11 a few years later, if your boss ask you something, if your customer ask you something, will you do that to them? be polite to everyone, absolutely for your own good. 

if you treat people better, people will treat you better.
if you treat them like sht, they might not treat you the same way, 
but they might not be very nice to you in their mind. that's not very nice too right?
just like me, u know how many gore movies i watch in a year. 
don't ever try to imagine what's in my mind.


  1. well, not much youngster understand that, infact most of them don't, but well think it this way, they will understand later on right, and is his/herself who will get the shitty respons, so don't worry about that too much =)

  2. OH!
    poor ekee:(
    actually i think nowadays,the students is very inactive both in class or listening to talks.they may think that studying is useless-_-!how come- -?

  3. Agree!
    Don't agree with girl's comment.
    You may wish the girl have become mature in the future.

  4. i am 19 now and i also think that teenages nowadays are so...impolite...... well, when i saw my younger schoolmates and the other teenages on streets, i hv this feeling
    i am not saying i am a 100% polite person, but i will think abt others. so, i dunno why they can act like that... sigh!

  5. don't care
    In future thet'll know what is polite when they go to social work

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  7. Stella,
    "go to social work"---> grammar is worng.
    social work doesn't mean work in the society.
    They are with two different meanings.

  8. Your photo is beautiful. You looks like the protagonist of ringu.

  9. Evita it's ok la doesn't matter what the girl did to u

    You'll still have our support ma~

    Once again hope u enjoy the whole event, and just was away the unmemorable minor parts of the show~