Sunday, March 29, 2009


i've been drawing all day. not for MILK, not for the exhibition (shoot! totally forgot about that). after being a couch potato all day watching Nip Tuck and drawing, i suddenly woken up. 

what did i do today?! it's sunday. supposed to be relaxing, but this is just so not productive!! feeling so guilty so i come over to the computer and start playing with photoshop and write a bit. at least i can say... 

" wrote my blog on sunday~"

it's always good to have boys around. there was this one super heavy book i've always wanted to buy. but i never did, cuz i was too lazy to carry it back home. yesterday nite i went to the movies with some guys, before that, we went to Page One, i bought it!! and one of the guys carried it for me~ yah!!! you're the best =' 3 '= now, who's gonna fix the light in the toilet for me?? 


  1. if you want i can XD

    well you better find a bf then~

  2. haha.ur picture is good.
    [][i love the bone=D]