Monday, March 2, 2009


won't be typing chinese in this'fly tire sea' from taiwan, i saw one of them tonight. yim ah lun, we went to karaoke with climax and ben and 'little gone'. long time no meeting new people, long time no visiting karaoke, felt strange sitting there, therefore i kept on singing. yim ah lun sings pretty well, this is the difference between hong kong and taiwan. being an idol or pop artist in hong kong, doesn't need to sing that well. hong kong is just so cool, a land of no reason. fans love you because of you, not your talent. if they love your face, they think u have talent. if the media says you're popular, people think you're popular. 
so, now i'm telling you guys that i'm beautiful and talented. 
in love with me yet?

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  1. love u-v-!haha!
    add oil=)!
    support u always,ekee.