Friday, April 3, 2009


yes, i did the VO. so cute eh~
i love to eat sunkist orange too, and it's so surprising that they asked me to do this, cuz ppl like to stereotype me as the dark one. my client has great taste (HA) 

2 pages gonna become 1 in milk magazine, depressing. but it's ok, i'm still drawing, i rather cut on the words, i hate to talk anywayz. evita says so, not ekee. 


  1. The VO is a pleasant sound. (hehe)
    Hope you have finish the drawing now.
    Support evita.

  2. Your advertisement on TV is good=)
    {actually love your drawings better than words,
    I think sometimes pictures can tell more things instead of simple words.haha.}
    looking forward to your next drawing,evita=)

  3. the advertisement so funny, plus you did the VO!
    look forward Sunday morning, "black eyes" you to introduce the music ^^

  4. evita is the dark one, ekee is the bright one i guess xD no matter what you are now, we like it too~

  5. I like the VO and I began to enjoy sunkist orange haha~
    Looking forward to tomorrow's black eyes
    EE Add Oil~