Saturday, April 18, 2009


just back home from 30 hour famine, sammy cried at sharing night......i'm not that emotional person, and every year it's like .... i just sit there and watch. i understand everything they say, it's just that i don't have the tingling feeling inside. 

let's not talk about the famine.......i wanna talk about my page in next issue of Milk Magazine. it's about people come and go. obviously i've experienced a lot of come and go in 903 (mainly go). but other than that, i've experienced a lot of come and go in my personal life too..

1. my dad and mom, seeing them once a year, airport isn't a sad place anymore, cuz i'm used to it already. do i miss them? yes, definitely, but i don't have the need to see them often since it's the pattern of my life. i just wanna work my ass off and earn money to provide a better living.

2. my high school sweetheart is getting married at the end of the year. of course i don't love him anymore since ages ago, but him getting married, is like the end of my high school romance. i've grown up, everyone has grown up....

3. 7 years before, someone chose to leave and explore. after 7 years, he/she decided to go back to the place he/she thinks is the best. which is the place he/she once left.

4. i asked him, where will you be after this. he said : i dunno, explore world.
these people seems like leaving, but it's just that i've always been in the same spot. does this mean i haven't move forward? i'm a very safe person, i can't afford to take any risk, that's why i try to move forward at the same spot before i'm capable to move to another. 

to all the people who dare to leave, you guys are very brave. it's risky to have guts, but i can't say it's bad. wish you luck on everything, i hope you chose the right path to explore.

this is a famine hero temp tattoo, pretty cool eh~? 
gotta wash it off lu.......


  1. you do not feel tired?! you should early sleep ready Tomorrow will go back 30 hour famine.
    ADD oil~~~

  2. i've experienced for someone leaving me [of course not as much as urs xd]haha!
    just something simple,
    ps:when will the 《伊維特革命》start xd?
    looking forward to it=)
    take care as u are famine hero-v-!haha

  3. Pretty tattoo;)

  4. I got that pretty tattoo last year 30 famine, so cool!!! Really don't know why the weather always unstable during this great event. Maybe it is another challenge for us. Yeah~ add oil!!!
    Thinking of Chet Lam's song "離開是為了回來"
    To take risk or not is a difficult issue for me. If yes, afraid of regret. If no, afraid of regret too.

  5. I think people leave because they want to find home or a place they feel that they belong to.

    I go out town for school, left for a year and just came back.
    Feels good to be home.

    You don't want to leave maybe because you found home already.

    Btw, is this post a comment thing for friends only. I know this post is kinda random. haha

  6. i luv this passage=p
    it makes me think a lot(:
    famine hero, addoil today(:

  7. 加油囉 famine hero.