Sunday, April 5, 2009

AGING reverse

today i woke up at 4am, went to work at 5am, reached CR at 5:30.
ate sticky rice and drank soya milk with my eyes shut.
programme started.....technical problem!!!!

things went smooth again, programme ended at 9am.
went to recording room to do muimui segment.
done at 10am

put 4 chairs together to form a narrow bed,
slept for 1.5 hours.
woke up and went to washroom with the hood on my head.
again, i walked with my eyes shut, and gave yuen jee kin a fright.

CR was very cold,
went to festival walk and wanted to buy a jacket.
( i want to buy one everytime i feel cold)
of course i didn't cuz i don't want to pay.
bought mcDonald's for me and Banana.
forgot to ask them to take away the pickles the onion and the sauce....
Amber ate my pickles. thanks baby.

1pm, MUIMUIMUIMUI show time
3pm, show ended.
finally, i left CR.

reached home at 3:30
slept on sofa for an hour.
went out with barry,
then dinner with some friends,
went to HMV,
came home at 9:30pm.

i'm not sleepy or tired at all. 
something must be wrong with me.


  1. a nap of 1 hour equals an 8-hour sleep
    but still,
    sleep more and work hard~:)

  2. Finish the work. Should give themselves a break
    I just completed mid-term test. Looking forward the Easter to be come .haha
    weather is often different, ee take care!!

  3. haha.u got a whole day working,
    for me,i think i will eventually die or just constantly sleep.haha.finally u have done it.great job=)!
    actually i think sleeping is very important,ekee,sleep more la~
    by the way,the weather is still unstable these days,take care,don't fall down easily=)!

  4. Love "The end of world" yesterday morning. I never wake up so early on Sunday, but because of you. Love the 2nd hour for male songs only. Actually, I love Aaron Kwok too. hee hee~
    Best Moments' songs for 3rd hour also great. Hope to listen your solo program again soon.

  5. just a random comment....
    i like your studded wristband :D
    n of corz i like ur solo programme but i think the one u did last time was better(the one which lasted for a week?)cuz talk shows are more interesting~~

  6. You need to work whloe day><
    Take care
    Take a rest if really in need