Thursday, April 16, 2009

killing me

very nervous for tomorrow's job right now....... hate it when there's something i'm not sure.....

903 timetable will have a big change soon, and it's a whole new chapter for me. new direction (showing more the real me), double workload...and what else...oh yes, my personal project still going on...... it's a crazy life lately, but it will be great. according to chinese horoscope, offending this year's god really gives you BIG changes, but it's not all bad, i'll make it good. 

lately i've invited lots of ppl to twitter, and i can see that donald and jim are very into it.....i still haven't feel the fun yet, but i'll try, since it's the latest great hit thing on the net.

go to and add me!!

my name is imevita
and my profile pic is like this...........
this is before i had my haircut...



  1. ekee 多野做 咁咪好囉
    "Change"終於係你身上出現啦 so touch.

  2. added ur twitter already=)!
    change?[add oil=)]
    support you always!=)

  3. EE,you will do new programs?!
    relax, don't nervous to job!!
    looking forward and support you!!