Sunday, May 3, 2009

it's none of your business (in a nice tone)

thank you for supporting my wierd new programme, which appeared once and disappeared (ha). it makes me think of my wierd drama, which suddenly stopped at episode 18 because i don't feel like writing it. i'm not sure if the drama (exploding  candy) will continue, but i'm sure, i'll try 200% of my best to bring back the new programme! cuz an army of people already formed and growing right after the 1 episode, i won't let you guys down! if i find you disappeared after 2 months, okay, go ahead to your homeland and do some farming. 

ok, enough of that cheering talk.

i read comments in forums, people don't understand all the sudden changes of 903 and start complaining. once again, thanks for the support, but have you ever think that maybe we're doing something right? you think these decisions just came out of nowhere without hundreds of meetings and arguments (<---- i guess). be mature. forums are for discussion, opinions, and advice. if anyone wanna express anger, i think you should get a blog (and tell me the blog address please).

ok, enough of the lecture. this is what i really wanna tell you guys:


oh! and i LOVE Y'all. add me on facebook, let me see ya. i do reply messages there.
and also, my restaurant city account is just an ingredient trading centre for everyone, cuz i got all my 3 dishes to level 10 already~  



  1. Support you always!!
    Look forward to listening your 200% effort soon.
    P.S. Thanks for trading in Restaurant City.

  2. looking forward to ur programme:)
    both in evita revolution and sk's:)
    add oil,support you always:)
    by the way,will u watch wing's drama xd?
    hope to see u there:)

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  4. ekee~
    finally u got your new phone~
    so gd!!!
    support u and your wierd new programme*
    add oil!!!

  5. :)add oil.
    support you always

  6. good to hear some guarantee bout the show haha. at least now we all know we are waiting for 'SOMETHING'. :P sometimes people just bs nothing, like they didnt even knw what happened. so yehhh. ignore them. lol.

    support you muchoooo. <3