Friday, May 22, 2009


waking up early WILL NOT make your skin perfect.
1. i fell asleep in MTR today...a few times, and passed my destination a few times.....

2.i was working on something.....but i fell asleep 5 times during the process. this kind of work, usually takes me 15 min... but it ended up....... i didn't do it at all, cuz someone suddenly came up and told me he did it. thanks buddy.

3.i was looking for something but i rebel a the same time. nearly took my whole nite just because there's a stupid conflict inside my body.

god! finally im home writing drama (finally said yeah, cool, awesome)

you might say: sleep more la, rest more la.
but that's not the problem, so you guys could save it.
i don't get enough sleep, it's just the fact, the usual thing.

i know. i never fall asleep when i'm drawing, writing, or eating my favorite food.
that's the reason.... and i have to live with it (but i will never never ever get used to it, cuz i don't want to) 

please do not translate this and put it into facebook, that's so not cool.
don't have to leave comment or discuss this topic with me, i just wanna share, not to talk this time.