Thursday, May 7, 2009

bon appetit~

tomorrow morning, sammy and kitty invited someone very special to their show, he's gonna bring something ...... i guess crispy ...... for us to eat. Kam refuses to eat it, but i'll try ALL my best to force him.
there was a very pretty candy store near my home in canada, they have all kinds of beautiful candies and trays and trays of toy like looking cupcakes near the cashier. i go there like once in a day, i saw new stuff on the counter with my friends. they stepped back a bit, but i've bought it. 'just a few bucks, worth a try once in a lifetime eh~?' i've bought it, and i'm the only one who ate it....but i've only ate one, cuz it taste like grass!!'s crispy........i guess that taste is exactly what horse food taste like.

what is it then? it's chocolate coated crickets imported from mexico!!!


i hope waking up early will make my skin perfect = ] 


  1. i think u're the only one who ate that kind of stuff xd
    i don't know the food from mexico will have a risk of swine flu lor :D
    add oil for the programme(with sk)!
    have a healthy body and skin to do everything xd:)

  2. haha~ add oil for the programme~ = ]

  3. 我想知道俾d咩個人資料去mail到拿 最好的時光2既相集!
    add oil for your workkkk.
    love to evita.

  4. sleeping earlier also helps having perfect skin:)