Saturday, May 30, 2009


don't feel like to sleep, but it's the only nite i could sleep early.
went to the coolest hamburger place in hong kong, probably the first. 
someone brought me there, i didn't decide what to eat and had the same as he did. there came a double cheese burger with egg, GOSH, and i ordered a glass of cold horlick too, my stomach nearly explode!! suggest size for girls: cheese burger with egg. leave quota for other food....

i went back to the little temple that i've been to last week, to get the result of my fortune telling. i asked about my career,it said it's good, but it takes a loooong time and tons of harrrrrrrdwork. okay, accepted.

this is a long time no see pic.....will also appear in Milk Magazine....something about the depeche mode tee design i did for depeche mode (pretty obvious...)


  1. i saw the burger photo....i reli wan to eat @@
    that must be very yummmmm;p

    hv a good rest~(:

  2. tried it.cuz i live in whampoa:)
    sleep more~

  3. take care~
    sleep more if you can=P
    see you at 6/6!

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  5. this is photo is so different from the others
    you seem aloof or say.... sleepy XD
    anyway like it =)
    aha! I've found something old but new to me
    that is your ancient blog on
    it is lucky that all the pics can still show up
    is there any more secret blogs like this one??