Thursday, June 11, 2009

BACK to the Future YEH~

after 9 hours of photo shooting, finally i took it back! the cassette player we used in THE BEST MOMENT I.

in 2007, i went check my 'jee mei dau so' (star numbers..?), the fortune teller talked for about 2 hours....i was asleep cuz he talked rrrreeeeaalllllyyyyy slow. luckily, he recorded it. i always wanted to listen to it, but i have so many tapes at home and don't know which is which, and also, i don't have the player. thanks to Th Best Moment, i have the player now, and is carrying it with me while i'm cleaning up the mess (after every season of photo shoot....)

my life..........actually don't suck. but all it takes is time. i mean tons of hard work and time. i do know before i listen to this. but i've paid him money!! so i'm gonna finish the whole tape tonite~



  1. So, you need to take 2 hours to listen the whole tape?? Hope you will not fall asleep. hahaha~
    The cassette player is cool! I also no listen to cassette tape for a long long time, since there is MD & MP3.

  2. your blog posted time is my date of birth xD which means it makes me to reply on this ? xD

  3. add oil,
    support you always,
    take care,
    hope to see you soon:)
    looking forward to season3:)
    miss you!haha!

  4. the cassette player i only read in THE BEST classmates sometimas to asked me when THE BEST MOMENT 3?!we are looking forward season3~we are support you!!add oil EE!!
    i miss you so much!!i want to see you!:]

  5. ekee. <3

    9 hrs?! so terrible.
    do you feel dizzy after taking the photos -_-?

    i am looking forward to The Best Moment Season 3. it's really a touching story. -v-
    i'm lovin' it :)

    add oil :p.

    hope that you can finish the whole star number tape XD