Saturday, June 20, 2009

yes you do mind. cuz i mind too

i hate to read too, a big block of words makes me turn away.

but i don't have mood to take any pictures, so i have to write my blog with no picture.

tomorrow i gonna fight for a chance to see my relatives!!!

actually i did the same thing last weekend once.

last sunday, i didn't sleep for over 24 hours then went to do the cover shot for <<最好的時光III>>, and that's one of the reason you have to buy it.

this weekend is father's day, i gotta see them, haven't seen them for 2 months, VERY unhappy about that. i am no andy lau, i'm just a small potato and i deserve to have an hour of quality time with my family while i'm all alone in hongkong all these years.

yes i know some ppl fly to work in other countries to fight for a chance, but at least they know they have a chance there before they go right? and the most stupid point is, i am in hk.

have to watch Secret again.....learning to be thankful.

thank you for everything nice and everything that sux.


don't have to gimme any comment. i just spit it out for the sake of letting it out, i don't want any comment. thx.

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