Wednesday, June 24, 2009


many ppl asked 'how's life'
i said bad or sux or sad as usual.

look at this bowl of strawberries in extra calcium soya milk with flax seed. i made it pretty cuz i really don't feel like eating. but after eating it, i wondered why strawberries in hongkong sux. big time. in japan, you could get sweet ones from anywhere, they're not expensive, and e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e of them in the box is sweet. i hate dinner.
my stomach can't take the thing called 'dinner' anymore, i don't feel hungry at nite. everyone's trying to force me to eat, but the point is, they don't know i won't be feeling well after a regular dinner. so just let me skip it, it won't make me thin, may be it's because i don't exercise at all, my body just need two meals......

watched The Haunting in Connecticut....i heard a dj said it's very bad, but i think it's
cool. nothing scares me anywayz, so i just went to see it as a movie. i won't comment on the level of gore or frightening factors, cuz i have no limits on that. but as a movie, i think the art direction is good, i like the settings and the props. but there's a thing i hate about this movie.... why be a copy cat and make dead people pictures exactly like Nicole Kidman's The Others??!!!! damn. disappointing.
one line in the movie is very good:
Why do bad things happen to good people?

cuz god wanna test you, if you don't pass, go to die.

the ghost boy Jona is so cute by the way....

(click on the movie's name, it's a link)


  1. I still miss the time when I was in Canada, picking strawberries in the farm. They are sweet as sugar too!

  2. hehe,finally you update here~:)
    the cake seems delicious!
    i wanna eat a piece haha!
    i love eating strawberry very much:P!

  3. it's not a cake!! it's just a bowl of cereal. easiest meal of all time. i just made it looked pretty.

  4. oh..seems very tasty:P

  5. you're perfectly ok watching this kind of movie because you're brave or just you dont believe in these things?i would really like to know:)
    i will definitely be frightened and therefore i dont watch them:P

  6. Will you watch the Murderer with Arron Kwok?~
    I'm actually quite interested in it...